Our values

SOSEDEL is above all a family business where the principles of team solidarity and ethics in work are cardinal values inherited from the founding president Dr Sory GUEYE.


SOSEDEL's commitment to its customers revolves around:

  • Transparency throughout the import process;
  • Respect for good conservation and distribution practices;
  • Perfect traceability of the drugs distributed.


Quality nothing but quality!

The price of a product remains relative. The dosage, efficacy, duration of treatment, excipients, etc. are all elements that justify the quality and therefore the price of a product.

At SOSEDEL, our priority is quality, then quality and finally price.


The world is moving, microbes evolve. It is therefore imperative to always renew its therapeutic arsenal through new molecules. SOSEDEL thus remains on the lookout for the latest innovations in veterinary pharmacy and animal health

"BIO" solutions

With the emergence of antimicrobial resistance problems, it is urgent to control the rampant use of antibiotics. Thus, we opt for SOSEDEL to offer alternative solutions such as probiotics, organic acids, etc.