Vitamins & trace elements

We find four (4) large groups:

– Complex vitamins, amino acids, minerals

– Calcium

– Hepato protectors

– Injectable solutions


1- Complex vitamins, amino acids, minerals

AVIPUNCH 100 g bag, 1 L bottle Complex based on amino acids, proteins and minerals
DERMALIN 200 ml bottle Food supplement for the coat / dog, cats
ORAL DUFAMINOVIT Bottle 100 ml, bottle 1 L Vitamins (A, D3, E, B, C) + amino acids, oral solution
DUFAVIT E 15% + ORAL Salt Bottle 1 L Vitamin E 150 mg + selenium 0.15 mg, oral solution
LIPTOPROMOTER-L Bottle 1 L, 5 L Complex of amino acids, oligopetides, vitamins and artichoke
LIPTOVIT AD3EK Bottle 1 L Complex of vitamins A, D3 and E, in oral solution
LIPTOVIT B COMPLEX Bottle 1 L Vitamin B complex, hepatoprotectors, AA, electrolytes, oral solution.
LIPTOVIT VIT E + SE (5%) 1 L bottle, 1 kg bag Vitamin E + selenium, in liquid solution
SEQUTRAL 100 g bag, 1 kg jar Electrolytes + trace elements, Ca + Vit C, bicarb. by Na
SEQUVIT Bag 15 g, 150 g and jar 1 kg Vitamins + ac. amines, concentrated dosage, soluble powder
ORAL SEQUVIT Bottle 100 ml, bottle 1 L Vitamins + amino acids, concentrated, in oral solution
SEQUVIT PET Box of 60 units Dog food supplement, tablets


2- Calcium

LIPTOREGULADOR Bottle 1 L Gel based on calcium, magnesium, propylene glycol
LIPTOSA OSSIFORTE Bottle 1 L Minerals (Ca, P, Mg, Na, K), trace elements (Zn, Fe …), etc.
SEQUCAL Bottle 1 L Calcium, vitamins, trace elements in oral solution
SEQUCAL PET 200 ml bottle Calcium, vitamins, trace elements in oral solution for canines
WINCAL Bottle 1 L, 5 L Calcium, phosphorus and vitamins, in oral solution, for cattle


3- Hepato protectors

LIPTOAMINOVIT HEPATOPROTECTOR Bottle 1 L, 5 L Complex of vitamins, amino acids associated with hepatoprotectors
LIPTOSAFE-L Bottle 1 L Nutraceutical detoxifier and performance booster
LIVER TONIC ORAL Bottle 1 L Protective hepato based on meth., Choline, calcium, etc.
SEQUTONIC PLUS Bottle 500 ml, 1 L Hepato-protective, stimulant based on vitamins, probiotics, enzymes, liver extracts, …


4- Injectable solutions

DUFACALCIO-50 Bottle 100 ml Calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, solution for injection
DUFAVIT AD3E 80/40/20 INJ. Bottle 100 ml Vitamins A, D3 and E, solution for injection
IRON DEXTRAN 10% MORE Bottle 100 ml Iron dextran + vitamin B12, solution for injection
MEGAVIT B COMPLEX + C INJ. Bottle 100 ml Vitamins group B and vit. C, solution for injection
MULTIVIT INJ. Bottle 100 ml Vitamins A, D3, E, group B and C, solution for injection
SEQUVIT INJ. Bottle 100 ml Vit A, D3 and E + Vitamin complex, in injectable solution